Rock Chip Repair

Instant Rock Chip Repair!

Cold/Bonn Glass-Works offers instant rock chip repair to vehicles of all makes and models. A small rock chip can turn a small crack into a large one. Sooner or later, it’ll gradually grow and spider crack across your entire windshield. Eventually, a windshield replacement is required due to poor visibility and structural safety. Not to worry though, we offer a quick and easy rock chip repair service. We will come to you and fill in those rock chips quick and easy. Onsite service saves you time and money.

No matter the industry you’re in, a rock chip repair is an effective way to reduce cracks spreading. Contact us today to fix the rock chips in your windshield before it gets worse.

We Can Service All Vehicles

Cars, vans, trucks, and heavy-duty machinery – we repair rock chips on any kind of glass. Get your entire fleet of vehicles serviced at the same time and let us handle the repairs while you get back to work. If done before the cracks spread, rock chip repair is a better alternative than a full auto glass replacement. Replacing an entire windshield is costly, even more on a heavy machine. We’re ready to take on all rock chips and small cracks simply contact us today and we can arrange a time that works for you.

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